About us

About us

The ASOCIACIÓN GO GREEN – AVANZANDO HACIA EL CRECIMIENTO VERDE Y EL DESARROLLO SOSTENIBLE is a non-profit organization, based in Torremolinos, Spain. It promotes, participates and informs about socio-environmental matters, environmental communication and education, development and responsible consumption.

Scope: Promoting sustainable lifestyles among young people to advance in the improvement of overall community quality of life and the achievement of a healthier environment.


  1. Promote the application of the objectives of the International Conventions of an environmental nature and of those that promote the sustainability of development to which Spain is a party.
  2. Support the development of capacity and knowledge to face environmental challenges through the training of young people, professionals, officials and society in general.
  3. Act as a forum for research, development and dissemination of information about the problems of conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity.
  4. Promote international cooperation for development and the establishment of incentives for nature conservation.
  5. Take care of the cultural, scientific, social, environmental, historical-artistic, anthropological, ethnological, sociological, economic, legal and any other aspects related to biodiversity and the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources.
  6. Promote the responsible consumption of natural resources.
  7. Promote among citizens the adoption of sustainable attitudes and behaviors.
  8. Promote the promotion of renewable energies, with systems that respect the natural environment.
  9. To be a bridge between local environments, companies, public administrations and the private initiative to develop programs, projects and services of a multidisciplinary, and multicultural in areas of greater social cohesion and peace, tolerance, solidarity, dialogue, gender equality, sustainable social and environmental development, promoting labor and social insertion, especially of the most disadvantaged sectors of our society and, in particular, of young people with functional diversity, be it physical or intellectual.

The main target group of the organization are youngsters with fewer opportunities (incl. asylum-seekers, minority groups, LGBTs, NEETs). By organizing various non-formal education activities, GO GREEN gives them an opportunity to express their knowledge and share experiences and ideas in order to promote social cohesion and diversity.

GO GREEN methodological approach is based on the following principles:

1) Informal education: quality with clear objectives, precise and consistent structure focused on the personal development of the participants’ goals.

2) Personal development: creating new skills, new opinions and knowledge on green topics.

3) Acquiring knowledge through various techniques based on participatory and cooperative learning.