Environmental protection and climate change are essential pillars in the areas of interest of GO GREEN, which encourage all its beneficiaries to take action, actively participate in all the initiatives that have the goal to save the Planet. Thus, GO GREEN, through the projects / activities carried out, places great emphasis on initiatives which improves the surrounding environment as well as the life of young people. GO GREEN activities to mention are:

  • workshops to raise awareness of the need to protect the environment, greening activities, information campaigns at the local level about the existence of environmental problems.
  • Promote and develop environmental awareness and sensitization actions for young people.
  • Development of specific programs or projects in environmental matters.
  • Promote and organize conferences, colloquia, workshops, exhibitions, congresses, debates, seminars, meetings, exchanges, visits, trips and similar activities aimed at fulfilling the objectives of the Association.
  • Actions to promote equal opportunities and social inclusion in the fields of formal and non-formal education, training, employment, the economy, the environment, culture and new technologies.
  • Environmental information publications, such as: Newsletter Signs of sustainability and Ecotopics, dedicated to the dissemination of environmental solutions for everyday life, production and more sustainable consumption; Environmental Guides, a thematic series with information, guidelines and key elements, and recommendations for consumers when purchasing or using a variety of household items, FVS.
  • Maps of Environmental Resources and Sustainability Indicators.
  • Nature sport: The objectives of the project is related to sports and environment: practicing sports every day to lead a healthy life, finding a sport to each participant liking; nutrition – the diet people follow have major effects on both physical and mental development; inspiring participants to eat healthier; promoting environmental protection by reducing food waste.
  • The blogs Self-sufficient Citizen: A online blog where young people of GO GREEN local community, write article on environmental issues.

Over time, GO GREEN has placed great emphasis on the development of young people and their integration into community life and the workplace. GO GREEN organizes a series of activities through which it trained the young people in order to prepare the employment documents but also offered them suggestions and information regarding the presentation at the interview.

In whatever activity GO GREEN carries out, it follows 4 core principles:

  1. Dedication – meaning that GO GREEN youth workers give their 100% and more;
  2. Openness – GO work with – and for young people;
  3. Positivity – GO GREEN sees opportunities rather than problems;
  4. Enthusiasm – GO GREEN wants to change its surroundings for the better.

Erasmus+ programme experience:

GO GREEN has the capacity to be actively involved in all stages of an EU project. Starting from planning, defining roles and responsibilities of project partners, through meetings, preparation, logistics, communication between all partners involved, arranging project timetable, implementation, selection of suitable participants according to the partner profile and their preparation (travel plan and tasks), as well as the promotion of projects and dissemination of the results through our Internet pages, local press and media and by organizing informative sessions for the local youth towards better visibility.

GO GREEN is composed by staff members, co-workers and a pool of externals, 10 professionals in total, forming dedicated teams that co-create, develop and/or implement international projects in research, innovation – as well as exchange of good practices, seminars and/or training courses in the environmental field.

  • Youth & Training: GO GREEN is experienced in organizing, implementing and reporting Erasmus+ KA1 and KA2 youth projects with non-formal learning methodology. Moreover, GO GREEN manages and supports the entire phase of preparation, departure and debriefing of all the participants sent by GO GREEN in the recalled frames.
  • Adult & Training: Specialized in training and project design, GO GREEN is active in the field of Erasmus+ Adult programmes, and has the capacity to manage related project coordination and implementation at local, regional, national and international level.
  • Project & Research: GO GREEN overarches execution and account of high-end tasks in project design, that pertain to strategic cooperation in all the frames of the Erasmus+ and other European programmes.
  • VET & Higher Education mobility: Promotion and Management of international mobility for high school and university students. GO GREEN facilitates internship opportunities in the frame of Erasmus+ programmes.