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Workshop on green economy & green building

GO GREEN had a interesting workshop on green economy and green construction. The workshop demonstrated how greening the building and construction industry can lead to the creation of a significant numbers of green and decent jobs, while contributing to environmental sustainability and improving access to quality housing, especially for lower and middle-income population groups. During […]

Round table meeting on green human rights

The president of GO GREEN had a round-table meeting in Spain with other social workers of France and Italy for the realization of common projects and initiatives in the field of green human rights. The idea to work on green human rights moves from the fact that human rights and the environment have an impact […]

Training in Equality and human rights

On November 2022, GO GREEN, realized in Spain the training course “World of Equality” which see the participation of around 28 people. The project aimed to prepare youth and social workers on how to protect and promote youth minority human rights and for the creation of human rights community in their local context. The specific […]

Jobs in the Blue and Circular Economy sector

Why take the course? Our association wants to give local youths an opportunity to acquire innovative skills that can be spent on the job market in the sectors of the Circular Economy and the Blue Economy. Our association offers some courses, lasting 45 hours, to be held on the weekends of June and July which […]

Training Green Human Rights

On May 2022, GO GREEN, realized a training course on “Green Human Rights” which see the participation of around 40 people. The training course provided the participants with new skills in the field of human rights and environmental education. The main idea of the project starts from the fact that human rights and the environment […]

Training Greening with Jobs

On April 2022, GO GREEN realized the training course “Greening with Jobs” which see the participation of 28 social workers from all EU. This training was organized because the share of green talent in the workforce has increased by more than 38% since 2015. This is one of the findings of the LinkedIn Global Green […]

Green Deal: EU invests over €110 million in LIFE projects for environment and climate in 11 EU countries

On 17th of February, the EU Commission is announcing an investment of over €110 million into LIFE programme integrated projects for environmental and climate protection, selected after a call for proposals covering the year 2020. The funding will support new major environmental and climate projects in 11 EU countries – Cyprus, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland […]

Eco Weekend Fertival in Torremolinos

The ‘Eco Weekend’ Festival returns to Torremolinos to promote environmental awareness. It will be from September 10th to 12th at the “Pablo Ruiz Picasso Cultural Center” with about twenty stands and recreational and educational activities Torremolinos will be transformed into an eco-sustainable space to promote environmental awareness. It does so through the ‘Eco Weekend Festival’ […]