Jobs in the Blue and Circular Economy sector

Jobs in the Blue and Circular Economy sector

Why take the course?

Our association wants to give local youths an opportunity to acquire innovative skills that can be spent on the job market in the sectors of the Circular Economy and the Blue Economy.

Our association offers some courses, lasting 45 hours, to be held on the weekends of June and July which include four training modules that will allow participants to increase their professional skills (marketable skills) and soft skills in order to facilitate entry in the world of work in the emerging sectors of the Blue and Circular Economy.

The course will be held in classic mode with presence in the classroom.

In addition to classroom activities, internships are provided in companies in the Malaga area and abroad, promoted through our association network and collaboration with trade associations and businesses, local cooperatives, non-profit associations and professional training institutions.

Course structure and recipients:

The course will last a total of 45 hours, and will give participants the opportunity to acquire and deepen their knowledge on the environmental, economic and social sustainability of production systems, applicable in the Andalucia context.
At the end of the course, participants will be able to apply to companies of the green and blue economy, social cooperatives and social enterprises that have started productive activities in the Andalucia territory in the aforementioned sectors (processing of agricultural products, fishing, sustainable tourism, aquaculture, recycling and reuse of production waste, etc.).

Recipients of the course are: Adults aged 20 to 45 years.
Participation is free.

This initiative has a dual objective:

  • update the professional skills of young people in the area, facilitating their reintegration into the labor market;
  • increase employment opportunities for young people who do not have relevant professional experience or qualifications in the areas mentioned above.

The inclusion of young people in the local labor market will consequently lead to the rebirth and re-invention of the local economy, which will adopt new business models oriented towards a sustainable economy.

The topics addressed during the four modules of the course concern the Blue Economy and the Circular and Green Economy.

The teaching staff who will attend the course is made up of experts in the sector, social innovators, successful entrepreneurs, managers of European funds, business experts and coaches; that they will demonstrate during the training of their experiences through direct testimonies and visits to specialized companies.

Information on how to participate:

In order to participate in the course, send an email to: