Overview of the “Digital Finance” Course by GO GREEN

Overview of the “Digital Finance” Course by GO GREEN

From May 23 to May 31, 2023, GO GREEN held an Erasmus+ course in Benalmadena, Spain. The course was called “Navigating Digital Finance”. It was all about teaching young people’s leaders from around the EU about money matters.

Erasmus+ often runs training for those who work with young people. The goal is to help them learn new things that can help in their work. This course was just like that. It was all about understanding money, which is an important skill for everyone these days.

Lots of people came to Benalmadena from all over the EU. They got to learn and share ideas in a beautiful setting by the sea.

The course covered lots of things. It talked about how to budget and how to understand taxes and investments. It also talked about newer things, like digital currencies and trading online. The goal was to make sure the youth leaders knew enough about money to help the young people they work with.

Everyone at the course got to take part in workshops and group talks. They could ask questions, share ideas, and learn from each other. This mix of learning and doing helped make sure everyone understood what they were learning.

Understanding money is really important in today’s world. This course helped highlight how youth leaders can help young people get better at this. The people who came to the course left knowing a lot more about money. They’re now ready to share this knowledge with young people back in their home countries.

The success of the “Navigating Digital Finance” course shows how important it is to understand money. It also shows how youth leaders can help young people learn this important skill. It’s all about creating a better future where everyone understands money a bit better.